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Giancarlo Mecarelli was born in Trevi, a little town in Umbria, Italy

At 5 years old he went to San Paolo, Brasil where he lived for several years. In 1964 he started work in one of the most important publishing agency at that time, earlier as illustrator and than as art director.

From 1967 he travels trough Europe and works as art director and illustrator in majors companies as Mccann Erickson, Masius, Young & Rubican with Gavino Sanna. During his career he directed many Italian master photographers as Oliviero Toscani, Marco Emili and many others.

He works also for DPZ, Standard Propaganda and Dennison.

From 1987 he becomes freelance and works for publishing, signing a lot of newspaper's covers as L'Europeo, L'Espresso, Panorama  and Zoom and creating photos sessions for Max, Maxime, Moda and many others.

He has been working as art director of Strategia, a magazine of marketing and communication, for 17 years, signing again all the covers.

In 2004 he decides to come back Brasil, but he stops in Paraty where he open Zoom gallery and creates an international festival of photography the Paraty Em Foco

Mecarelli is always getting into a tizzy with new projects of exhibitions and books.




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