Man Ray
Bank Austria Kunstforum
Freyung 8, Wien Austria
Ellen Kooi: Nuevos trabajos
Camara Oscura Galeria de Arte
c/ Alameda, 16, 1º B, Madrid Spain
Steve McCurry: Permanent Collection
Besharat Gallery
175 Peters St. SW, Atlanta U.S.A.
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JOY GOLDKIND photographer

Born July 18, 1943 Brooklyn, NY; Fashion Institute of Technology 1961; Fashion Designer 1961-1969; Lecture & Teaching Workshop; The Photography Room, MI 2004; Nassua Community College NY; Center for Alternative & Historic Processes, 2007; Bennis Arts Encounter TX 2008\

1998 Heckshire Museum, Award of Excellence; 1999 Millspond House, Award of Excellence; 2000 Texas Artist Museum, 1st Place TX; 2001 Camera Club of New York, 1st Place; 2003 ALLI, Award of Excellence; 2004 Texas Photographic Society, HM; 2004 Guild Hall, Best Photo; 2005 STAC, Sataporn Suravichai Memorial; 2006 Guild Hall, Best Representational Work; 2007 Guild Hall Beat Photograph;
2007 AllI Award of Excellence; 2007 B&W Magazine, Bronze award; 2007 Eyemazing Cover Contest; 2007 VICP 1st.pl. Nudes; 2007 International Photo Awards HM; 2007 PX3 France HM; 2008 Expo BJ Spoke, NY.

Solo Shows

1999 Henry Street Settlement, NY; 2000 STAC, NY; 2001 BJ Spoke Expo, NY 2002 Soho Photo, NY; 2003 Radiant Light Gallery, TX; 2004 Spinnato Gallery, NY 2005 STAC, NY; 2006 Mills Pond House, NY; 2006 Soho Photo, NY; 2007 Museo Nazionale della Fotografia Italy; 2008 Photography 414 TX; 2008 Gallery Imperato MD; 2009 Wavephotogallery Italy

St Johns University, NY; Crestwood Metal Corp, NY; Nassau Community College, NY; Stanton A Moss Inc., PA; Museo Nationalle Della Fotogrfia Italy.

B&W Magazine, July 2002 - NY Times Reviews, 1999-2005 - View Camera Magazine, March 2004 - Photographers Forum, February 2005
Silver shots Magazine Australia, 2006 - The Large Format Journal UK, 2006
Luminous-lint.com CA 2006 - Zoom Magazine Italy 2007 - Eyemazing, Tne Netherlands 2007 - Photolife, Canada, 2008

Group Shows
1998 Parish Museum Juried Competition, NY; 1999 St Johns University Invitational, NY; 1999 Islip Museum, NY; 1999 Nexus Gallery Juried Competition, NY; 2000 Atlanta Photography Group, GA; 2000 LBJ Foundation for the Arts, NJ
200 The Print Center, PA; 2001 Attleboro Museum of Art, MA;
2001 FSU Museum of Fine Arts, FL; 2001 Printmaking Council of New Jersey, NJ
2001 Eastern New Mexico University, NM; 2002 Omni Gallery, NY
2002 Fire House Gallery, NY; 2002 Lancaster Museum of Art, PA; 2002 Heckshire Museum of Art, NY; 2002 BJ Spoke Gallery, NY; 2002 John Stevenson Gallery, NY
2003 Holter Museum, MT; 2003 Texas Photographic Society, TX; 2003 Parrish Museum, NY; 2004 Carrie Haddad Gallery, NY; 2004 1st Street Gallery, FL
2004 Alpan Gallery, NY; 2004 Elaine Benson Gallery, NY; 2004 APID, NY
2004 Photo LA, CA; 2005 1st Street Gallery, FL; 2005 Photography Room, MI
2005 Photo LA, CA; 2005 F8 Fine Art, TX; 2005 Photoeye Gallery, NM
2005 John Stevenson Gallery, NY; 2005 Photo SF, CA; 2005 Parrish Museum, NY
2005 ALLI, NY; 2006 Muse Museum, PA; 2006 Texas Photographic Society, TX
2006 Griffin Museum, PA; 2006 The Photography Room, MI
2006 F8 Fine Art. TX; 2006 Guild Hall, NY
2006 John Stevenson Gallery, NY; 2007 APAID NY; 2007 Paris Photo France
2007 Voilt Gallery TX; 2007 AllI NY; 2007Appel Gallery CA

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