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Martin Reeves, as a restless 23-year old, escaped the impending routine of adult life in England in 1986, and flew to India - opening a gateway to a personal odyssey around the mystical East that continues to this day. The self-taught and very passionate photographer, equipped with a 1972 Nikon, documents his journeying with a specialist film medium that reveals light beyond our visual spectrum - infusing his subjects with a dreamlike, ancient quality.

His early portfolios document the quiet before the storm of mass tourism, where secluded temples and lost cities seem to radiate a mysterious aura from behind unkempt foliage, and eye-catching indigenous people were still curious about being photographed. They capture a time that perhaps will never been seen again - or at least not until man looses control of his destiny.

Martin's 14-year labour-of-love wandering the surreal temples of Angkor culminated in his book Angkor: Into The Hidden Realm, prefaced by HRH Princess Rattana-Devi. Following this, HRH Norodom Sihamoni, the King of Cambodia, chose four photographs from Martin's Angkor portfolio as state gifts.


In 2007, Martin was featured, alongside other internationally renowned photographers, in the book project Thailand: 9 Days In The Kingdom - a tribute to HRH King Bhumibol Adulyadej's eightieth birthday.


He's also been featured twice in Zoom, the international fine-art photography magazine, Fotografia and PhotoArtAsia, as well as many other local Asian publications. 


Although the film Martin uses has been discontinued, he managed to acquire a large stock that he devotes to completing this long-term project.



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