Steve McCurry: Permanent Collection
Besharat Gallery
175 Peters St. SW, Atlanta U.S.A.
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Born in 1953. Swiss natinality. He attends architecture and fine arts studies in Zürich, Switzerland. In 1973 he travels to Spain to work as assistant for the photographer Bert Stern with whom he collaborated during 4 years in different editoral and advertising campaigns.

From 1977 to 1980 he starts working for Eddie Vorkapich as assistant and second camera operator in different television spots.

Working as a advertising photographer in Spain, Europe and America he executes some important advertising campaigns as: Coca-Cola, De Beers, Smirnoff, Triumph Internacional, DYC, Cutty Sark, Seven up, Beefeater, Winston, Domecq, Renault Internacional,Peugeot Internacional, Credit Suisse, Ballantines, Campsa, Ron Cacique, Rolex, Fortuna Internacional, Iberia, Aena, Turismo de España, Turismo de Portugal, Ministerio de Sanidad, Campaña Fuerzas Armadas…specializing in big advertising campaigns, portraits, characters, dance and his big passion, horses.

Different publications in magazines like:  Zoom, Arte Fotográfico, Photo, Cámara, Lui, Playboy, Vogue, Dunia, Geo, El Pais dominical, Revista FMR etc.


-      1992 Publication of the book" España por dentro", receiving the Art Directors Club of Europe Award.

- 1994 Publication of the book "Oro Plata", receiving two Laus Awards.

-      May of 1996, Exhibition "Oro y Plata" at the Modern Art Museum in Nîmes, France. 

-      1996 Lux Bronze Award for the campaign "Cupon de la Once".

-      1996 Lux Gold Award for the "De Beers" campaign.

-      1999 Fuji Award.

-      2000 Leaf Gold Award, Prisma Magazine (Portugal).





Exhibitions and Editorial works


-      May 2001. Exhibition "Maestro", Ars Nova Gallery, Madrid.

-      June 2001. Photographic projection "El Paseillo. Metro Madrid".

-      March  2002. Exhibition  "Maestro", Art Gallery Pedro Peña, Puerto Banus -Marbella, Málaga.

-      2005 Publication of the book "Sueños", Sara Baras.

-      December 2005. Presentation of the book "Sueños"  at the  Champs Élysées Téâtre,París.

-      February 2006. Presentation of the exhibition "Sueños" at the Cervantes Institute in Londres.

-      July 2006. Exhibition "Sueños"  at  the Silo de Hortaleza Gallery, Madrid.

-      June 2006. Masterclass in the University of Salamanca "Cuatro Lenguas, Cuatro Culturas. Suiza".

-      December 2006. Exhibition "Sueños" at University of Salamanca, ( Las Salas Históricas de la Universidad de Salamanca).

-      March 2007. Proyection-Exhibition "Sueños" at the Buero Vallejo Theatre,      Guadalajara.

-      April 2007. Exhibition "Sueños" at the Colegio de Médicos. Madrid.

-      June 2007. Exhibition "Sueños" at  H10 Gallery Puerto Banus -Marbella, Málaga.

-      September 2007. Canon Eos Discovery Workshop. Florida Park. Madrid.

-      December 2007. Exhibition "Horses" at the University of Salamanca in the Hospedería Fonseca Gallery.

-      April 2008. Publication of the book "El Torreón de Lozoya", Caja Segovia.Obra Social y Cultural.

-      August 2008. Exhibition "Horses" at the Cultural Center of Cuellar, Segovia.

-      February 2009, Exhibition "Pure Blood Reflections" at the Modern Art Museum Istanbul, Turkey.

-      April 009. Exhibition "Arte Hotel"at the Maria Elena Palace Hotel, Madrid.

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