Publish date: 02/07/2012

Donkey Art Prize II announces the winners

The international Donkey Art Prize organized by Blindonkey Cultural Association and included as one of the fifty best photo-contest in the world, has detected talents among the 100 overall pick finalists. They received the opportunity to exhibit their work all around the world: Once Arts Gallery in Miami (July 16 -21), at State of Art Gallery in Hong Kong (August 20 -26) and at Rita Castellote Gallery in Madrid (September 10-15).
The winner for the Photo & Digital category is Giovanni Presutti from Italy with "Dependency n 15" who received €5000 cash prize and a free stay at the Straf Hotel in Milan and a free annual subscription to ZOOM magazine and Tutti Fotografi; Moreover staff, partner of the prize, selected the works by Jorge de la Torriente, Claudio Allia and Iness Rychlik to publish on the background of the web portal.

© Giovanni Presutti, Dependency n 15

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