Publish date: 14/06/2013

ZOOM tv presents Erica Nyholm at mc2 Gallery


Milan - On the 4th of June mc2gallery presents the collective Three (Talents) in a Boat: Kate Fichard, Bernhard Kahrmann, Erica Nyholm showing three new photographers. Curated by Domenico de Chirico, the title of the exhibition is inspired by Jerome Klapka Jerome's "Three men in a boat" (1889). Boating upstream in river Thames, friends Jerome, Harris and George, with their loyal friend Montmorency the dog, travel on their boat for days and live new and unexpected adventures. Three main characters at comparison, each with their own unique language. Three artists compared: Bernhard, Erica and Kate. They suggest three different readings of the surrounding world, all joined by a strong sensitivity, attention and aesthetic research. While the water and family sceneries frame self-reflection wishes in Erica Nyholm's work (Finnish, born in 1982) and the light shows itself in hues of gleams in Bernard Kahrmann's (German, born in 1973), the suspension and capsizing highlight the unforeseen in Kate Fichard's (Anglo‐French, born in 1987). The exhibition will run till June 28, 2013.
Erica Nyholm will be present at the preview.

©  Erica Nyhoml, A memory of a Vase, 2012


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